We have recently come into partnership with the Woodland Trust Northern Ireland and aspire to reduce our carbon footprint, protect wildlife and tackle climate change.

For every customer who chooses to switch to paperless we will donate £2 to the Woodland Trust Northern Ireland. Our aim is to plant 1000’s of trees each year in Woodland Trust maintained areas all over Northern Ireland.

To switch to paperless today click the link below and we will handle the rest.

Switch to Paperless

*If you already receive correspondence from us by email you do not need to contact us/complete the ‘switch to paperless’ process.

You are agreeing to receiving policy correspondence from us by email in future wherever possible, this may include contractual documentation and your renewal invitation. Please ensure the email address provided is used regularly and is secure and personal to you. You must keep us up to date with any changes to this.


Northern Ireland is one of the least-wooded regions in Europe, with just 8% woodland cover compared with the European average of 37%.


Almost 60% of woodland in Northern Ireland is in the form of recent conifer plantations.


So far this year nearly 10% of our customers have changed their preferences meaning 47% of customers have now chosen to go paperless.